• Design must be your own original artwork, or have the approval of the artist for reproduction!

  • I am currently only capable of printing spot (solid) colors, four colors max. This means that while I can achieve fine details, the colors must be 100% solid without fades or halftones. If you’re not sure about it email me! I’d be happy to tell you if I can work with your art or not.

  • Artwork must be print-ready. I need a high res, clean file of your artwork when I get to printing. I prefer .psd, .pdf, or .eps files as they retain image details cleaner. You don’t have to have it color separated if it’s a multicolor (I can do that!), but if you do I’ll really, really like you :)

  • Payment is 50% upfront, and the other 50% before I ship it out. Or if you’re really eager you can pay in full up front. I accept and invoice with paypal.

  • I send you a proof before printing! To ensure everything is how you want it to look, I set up the design and print a sample to take a photo of and send to you. Once this is done, any mistakes in spelling and color are entirely the buyer’s responsibility.

  • I can make any Pantone PMS color! The ink system I use is a plastisol ink, and includes all the colors I need to custom mix any pantone color, except metallics. I also have a metallic true gold, and eventually a metallic silver!

general pricing

These are my general guidelines for pricing on custom screen printing. If you have any questions, or would like an exact quote, please email me at tkinsmanart@gmail.com :)

  • Screen Setup - $25 for first screen, $15 each additional screen (one screen per color) This is the fee for me to physically make your screen. I print out transparencies and burn the image onto the screen.

  • Patches (up to 6”x6”) - $2 each (+ .25 cents for each additional color)

  • Patches (From 6.5”x6.5” - 12”x14”) - $5 each (+ .25 cents for each additional color)

  • Basic t-shirt - $8 per shirt, one color one side (+ .25 cents for each additional color)

    *For multiple prints (front+back) please send me an email for a quote!

  • Discounts on higher quantities (over 100 pc)

If you’re looking for other apparel like hoodies, tanks, or crop tops I can do those as well! Please email me for specifics.